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Found this at Epcot’s Food and Wine festival

What to say to Characters in the park!
Many guests who visit with characters merely walk up, get their book signed, take a photo and walk away. The average time a guest spends with a character is less than one minute. They are missing out on some great fun. Characters are always ready to play with the guests and may need a simple prodding to do so.
What to say to characters:
Ask Ariel if you can become a mermaid
Army man:
Ask Green Army to march with you then pose with a great salute
Ask Aurora if she likes to takes naps.
Ask Aurora what her favorite dress color is
Ask Belle for a book recommendation
Tell Belle that Beast is very big and scary
Tell Buzz he is a toy…a T. O. Y. toy!
Ask Buzz if you can push his reset button
Ask Buzz to go into Latin mode
Ask Buzz what exactly is beyond infinity
Captain Hook:
Stand behind Captain Hook and go tick tock, tick tock or call him a codfish
If he is alone, ask him where Mr. Smee is
Ask Chip/Dale:
if they are squirrels, gophers or rats
which one are you
who has the better dance moves
a bag of acorns
them which one is Alvin and which one is Simon.
Ask where Theodore is at.
Propose marriage to Daisy or ask for a kiss
Ask Donald:
where Mickey is
why he doesn’t have as much stuff in the parks as Mickey
why he doesn’t wear pants
Tell Donald he is #1 or even better #2
he is handsome
Tell Donald you like him better than Mickey
Tell Donald you like his performance in the Aflac commercials
Eeyore: where his tail is
Show Eeyore your muscles
Tell Eeyore “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there”
Flynn Rider:
Ask him to see what is in his bag
Ask him to give you 'the smolder'
Tell Gaston you have a crush on him
Wear a shirt with the Beast on it to see him react
Dress as Belle
Ask Goofy if he’s ever taken Pluto for a walk
Lady Tremaine:
Ask Lady Tremaine how much hairspray it took to hold her hair up like that
Step Mother which daughter is her favorite
Show him you like him, and show him your Lotso plush. He'll be ecstatic and kiss and hug it
Bring a Woody
If he's in front of the garden at MK, say 'putting you around daisies is insensitive'
Mary Poppins:
Ask Mary how come your room doesn’t clean itself when you snap your fingers
AskMary where Bert is
Tell Mary Poppins that you heard only Mary Poppins can say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards
Ask Minnie if Mickey has given her a ring yet
Compliment Minnie on her outfit
Propose marriage to Minnie
Ask Mulan how to be an honorable child
Ask Mulan if she ever appeared in her armor
Peter Pan:
Tell Pan you are from Texas, the Lone Star state
Greet him with a loud “Cock a doodle doo”
Ask him if he would like a sausage biscuit or BLT
Ask Pluto where Mickey isPluto
Give Pluto a dog biscuit
Tell Pluto he is a good boy for taking pictures with you and scratch him behind his ear
Tell Pluto he should get a never-ending supply of dog bones
Tell Pluto you can’t choose which is your favorite dog
Ask Pooh how come they let him out with only half a shirt
Ask Pooh why he doesn’t wear pants
Ask Pooh where you can locate some honey because you have a rumbly in your tummy
Complement Princesses on their dresses
Bring a Simba plush. He’ll lift it up like in the movie
Tell her you've been growing out your hair
Ask her where Pascal has been hiding
Kiss Flynn and see her reaction
Snow White:
Ask Snow White who her favorite dwarf is
Give Snow White an apple
Step Sister:
Ask one of Cinderella’s Step Sisters to sing
Ask the Step Sisters which is the pretty one
ask them which one the prince would marry
Offer your son to marry one of them
Ask him what his badness level is
Tell Thumper to stay out of your flower beds
Ask Tiana who is minding her restaurant
Ask Tigger if he is a boy or girl
Bounce with Tigger
Tell Tigger he should have his own ride
Tell Tigger you can bounce higher than him
Instead of saying goodbye say TTFN “Ta Ta For Now”
character to show you their muscles
Ask Vidia to take your daughter, if she is dressed like Tink
Woody: Ask Woody if Andy’s name is on the bottom of his boot
Tell Woody there is a snake in his boot
Ask Woody for a showdown
IF you know of any let me know!

Some of the characters I’ve melt so far at mickeys not so scary.

Best fiancé ever

We’re currently at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. I came up with a game like punch buggy; however, the rule has changed. We will now punch one another for ever Elsa we see. He’s currently in the lead.


Disney movies in order of historical setting

(Excludes most of the package films. Some films, eg The Lion King, are impossible to pin down exactly and some, like Aladdin and Treasure Planet, are anachronistic, so these are estimations. A few have been split into 2 if there is more than one time period in the movie, and sequels have been put together.)

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame Stained Glass Appreciation

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snicket-as-it-sounds said: ooooohhhh! Okay I get it now. Thank you for explaining, it makes sense. I wish I could go to disney and do these disney type things, but living where I do I seem to fall behind on the know-how. xoxo

It’s no problem dear. Many people who disneybound will do so for school or work if uniforms aren’t involved. Leslie has a great blog to help get you starting on disneybounding although her outfit set ups tend to get a little expensive. Remember disneybounding is all about you and letting you be unique and creative. Don’t ever feel the need to run out and buy clothes but if you do check out thrift stores and goodwill type places first. (Especially if the piece in question is yellow shoes which many characters have yellow feet or yellow shoes.) Obviously most of your peers ands coworkers may not know what your doing but if you have friends who like disney you can show the awesome side of fashion that is disneybounding. Is there anything else I can help you with? ☺️☺️


So I’m going to my first ever Halloween party tomorrow. I’m super excited, I have a few things planned but I’m not sure if I’m missing anything.
So far:
Spending most of my day at MK (I’m an AP so don’t fret about me wasting money)
After catching Festival of Fantasy on mainstreet change…

Got my job back

Today was game day for jimmy johns. I tagged along with my fiancé who had to work today cuz I wanted to people watch all the drunk people. (Gotta love college tailgating) (even though I was fired I packed my hat and shirt for work as a joke) I told one of the girls I had it on me and she told the manager. My manager emailed the owners explaining the situation and they told him to hire me back. Got to work just over 9 hours on one of our busiest days of the year.

Now the only downside was since I was gone for 15 days all of my shifts have been given to new people who were either hired right before I was fired or right after. So I’m stuck with pick up shifts until someone gives me their permanent shifts. 😪😪😪


We were once a great people. Now we live in ruins. The kings of our past would weep if they could see how far we have fallen.

Just a few of my favorite background Atlantean citizens from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

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(kinda helps if you have your ask box open….) but other than that, yes everyone :p


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snicket-as-it-sounds said: Real dumb question sorry. What exactly is disneybounding and also why (if someone is in costume) would someone be turned away at the gates??

It’s not a dumb question at all. Disneybounding is creating an everyday look inspired by a disney character/attraction/movie/snack/etc. Cosplay is wearing a costume where you ARE the character. What I consider my rule of thumb to tell the difference is: did you find all the clothing in your closet or purchase at any average store (forever21, Macy’s, goodwill, etc) and if you wore this outfit to your local grocery store would you get stares? If it’s disneybounding your answers are most likely yes and then no. However there are unique days like dapper day where people will take the idea of disneybounding and give it a vintage look that you can’t buy. So those outfits are made. Also cosplay leads others to believing you ARE the character especially for children.

You also asked why someone in costume would be turned away. It’s for two reasons for safety and to preserve the magic. For example what if I dressed up as Wendy and was spot on to the point most guests couldn’t tell that I wasn’t the official “disney” Wendy. Now imagine if I cursed up a storm cuz I stubbed my toe. Wouldn’t that ruin the disney image? Also we don’t want pedophiles dressing like Carl from Up convincing them to follow so they can have an adventure in a house with balloons.

Does it all make more sense? Keep in mind that the line between disneybound and cosplay may be a little different, these are just my opinions.


Disney Bloggers: This is so romantic and cute. I want a love like this. I want a pic like this, sigh sigh aww 


Disney Bloggers: This is so romantic and cute. I want a love like this. I want a pic like this, sigh sigh aww 


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So I’m going to my first ever Halloween party tomorrow. I’m super excited, I have a few things planned but I’m not sure if I’m missing anything. 
So far:
Spending most of my day at MK (I’m an AP so don’t fret about me wasting money)
After catching Festival of Fantasy on mainstreet change into my costume and pick up my wristband at about 4pm.
5:00-5:30 Get in line for jack and sally
7:00 Meet Jack and sally
Wander for a bit, maybe hop on Haunted Mansion and get candy
9:00 find a spot for night shows, either casey’s corner or across the street, close enough to watch the castle projection show but not close enough to ruin fireworks
9:15 Celebrate the Magic
9:30 Hallowishes
Afterwards move a little closer to catch the Villains Mix and Mingle at 10:00
10:30 Catch the parade

Is this a good general plan? I’m trying to figure out when the best time to meet Tarzan/Jane/Terk because I know the trio don’t all meet together. Also I would love to meet Lotso since he smells like strawberries. Also sad news is that my prince wants to leave right after the parade since we have to wake up early on monday morning. Any ideas?

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